You Can Call Me Al

HIPSTER TIP! You may want to go get the new Vampire Weekend self-titled album so that three albums from now you can say with a nonchalant, professorial air that you "liked their earlier stuff better," and actually mean it.

"But Dylan, what do they sound like? Can you concoct a pretentious name-checking music critic description to help me better understand?" Okay, I'll bite: Imagine Spoon and the Walkmen started a supergroup that covered African pop music. Does that help?

Here's the video for their first single "Mansard Roof":

And here's "A-Punk":

I look forward to rolling my eyes at kids in the mall six months from now when I overhear them talking about how they heard this awesome new band called "Vampire Something-or-Other". Ah, it's a hipster's life for me.


huston/lilia said...

since i've been listening to them for a few months does that mean i get to roll my eyes at you?

Dylan said...

You would anyway, right?

b3n said...

But you do bring up a good point, Hu. As we get older, our grasp on what is now grows ever infirm. Once the age of 25 is passed, the rest of your life is a game of catch up, until you give up on the futility of the whole thing and relegate yourself to wearing faded light blue bell bottoms and shirts with dolphins on them.
Interestingly enough, when that happens and you surrender to the flow, what's cool actually just comes to you.
Ahh. The circle of life.

Wait... Maybe it doesn't come to you. Maybe you just no longer have any concept of reality and you just think that cool things come to you and you find yourself wearing faded light blue bell bottoms and shirts with dolphins on them...
And everybody laughing at you!!
Ahh. The circle of thought.

huston/lilia said...

if that's the case i have until thursday to be cooler than all of you...

Dylan said...

What does the Lost season premiere have to do with you're impending uncoolness?

(Insert winking emoticon here:___)