Memo To Self:

It's never a good thing when the local weatherperson repeatedly refers to the cold weather using the adjective "bitter."

It is so bloody cold here as of right now that it is unbelievable. You literally would not believe me if I told you just how cold it is here right now. It is very cold. Very.


jason quinones said...

but can your nipples cut glass??

now that's when you know it's COLD!

Dylan said...

Jason - Unfortunately, I sneezed and my nipples fell right of of my body due to the extreme coldness, so I cannot answer your question.

Patti said...

We would hear the "bitter" word a lot when we lived in New England. It fits, doesn't it?

Very distinct memories walking across the quadrangle on my college campus in January - it was THIRTY DEGREES BELOW ZERO.

I understand.

Patti said...

And "wow" on that nipples thing.