It's the End Of the World As We Know It (& I Guess I Feel Fine?)

It's easy to get disheartened these days. We've got wars, death, suffering, the continued existence of According To Jim and Two & A Half Men, ugly politics smeared across the television screen like so much doodie and, the cherry on top, it looks like our country is on the verge of a complete economic collapse.

Who wants pie?!

But seriously, folks, it's times like this that I start making lists of things I'm thankful for. You know, like that smug little brat, Pollyanna. (Oh! her perkiness is so annoying, isn't it?! She's like the illegitimate offspring of Katie Couric and Kelly Rippa. And Satan. Don't forget him.) So, here's my list of things that, for me, help make the world worth living in:

* Everybody is happy to see me when I get home from my pretty cool job. This is a major plus.

* The Immortal Iron Fist, delivering kung-fu pulp action to my face monthly.

* The fact that I heard the Beach Boys' "Heroes & Villains" playing over the Muzak system in the supermarket. There's nothing like shopping for margarine while that song plays. If you haven't tried it, do. It will change your life.

* This blog. All you hipsters out there: You're welcome.

*The Shins covering Tim & Eric.

* The McNeil-Lehrer News Hour - it's just how television news should be: un-ADD-friendly to the point of almost boring, very un-sexy and, thankfully, smart.

* Be Kind, Rewind opens in about a month. Is anybody else excited about this?

* I just found out that my library has Robert Pollard's Not In My Airforce album. And yes, I requested it.

* Converse All-Stars.

* The site, It's Nice That.

* Season 4 of Lost in T-Minus 8 days and counting.

* The Star Trek teaser that ran before Cloverfield. (Which I still haven't seen yet but I'm not bitter about it. I mean, we sort of had to got o the DMV last Saturday and get new Ohio licenses and do all sorts of other responsible stuff instead of going to see an awesome movie. I'm totally fine with doing boring stuff rather than awesome stuff. Totally. Fine. Okay, I sort of am bitter.)

* And finally... Kittens!

See, don't you feel better? Well, Internets, what makes you glad to be breathing today?


Patti said...

Since today is Wednesday what makes me 'happy to be breathing' is the food section in the RJ...seriously.

And did you know today was National Pie Day when you made that pie reference?

And do you really like kittens? Cause I can't tell.

chrishaley said...

I guess I need to do something.

Caitlin said...

I HATE According To Jim and Two & A Half Men so much. They make me swear and not in a joking way, in the bad way.

I'm happy to be blonde again.

Patti said...

This post title makes me sing...

cbhoff said...

I like your new header. Not sure how new it is but I just noticed it and I like. One day I will learn to make one.

Dave L said...

No Cloverfield yet huh? I feel guilty now - I saw it first

Dylan said...

Patti, I had no idea it was Pie Day. Totally weird, I know.

As far as kittens go, I'm fairly neutral on them. I just think it's funny to throw an overly cute picture at the Internets every now and then. I consider it my oblation to the Internet Dieties.

Chris, you do need to do something. And that "something" is more Werewolf vs. Zombie.

Caitlin, blonde suits you nicely.

Christina, thanks on the header. It's pretty easy to make one now in the "Layout" editor for Blogger. Give it a try. You can do it! I believe in you!

Dave, I read your review. It made me jealous. Hopefully I'll see it this weekend. Also hopefully, I will not puke due to motion sickness.

Patti said...

it IS funny