BRR Goes To the Movies - Persepolis

Based on the graphic novels/memoirs of Marjane Satrapi (which I haven't read - yet - I'll get around to both this and the memoir of Satrapi's mentor, David B.'s whose Epileptic is still on my "Must Read In 2008" list) yet to read) of the same name. Looks really cool.

If you haven't heard about this yet, then you haven't been into a Barnes & Noble because they have it shelved everywhere. Seriously, next time you're there look for it. You'll be shocked you didn't notice it. It's like the little trumpet in The Crying Of Lot 49 or something.

It's one of those "graphic novels" that it's okay for "normal people" to like, like Maus (which is a masterpiece, don't get me wrong) or Ghost World (I can't abide Dan Clowes. Dude's a total misanthrope.) or Jimmy Corrigan: Smartest Boy On Earth (Wow! It's boring and depressing! Well-played, Mr. Ware.) It's one of those books that the Fantagraphics types hold up to show the world "See, we're legitimate! We're just like "real" books! Please accept us! Please? We have nachos."

Anyway, expect this to show up at the Oscars in the Best Animated Feature category, probably losing to Ratatouille or something (though maybe not. If there ever was a Pixar movie to be beaten, it's that one. For all its beauty, it's just not as good, storywise, as their previous efforts). It's a very good time for a memoir of fleeing and returning to Iran, don't you think?

I'd Rent it for sure. You?


jason quinones said...


wasn't even sure this hit theaters yet! i've seen the posteers all around town but haven't noticed it in theaters.

i read the comics when they first came out and thought they were really good.

when the apt. gets too cluttered with spider-man comics these are the books i give my wife to read to legitimize my comic obsession. she liked these as well.

as far as best animated movie,i'm not sure. i REALLY LIKED Rata-whatever (i'm not gonna attempt to spell it!). after The Incredibles (best superhero film ever!!) it's my favorite pixar film.

b3n said...

Hey! Two birds with one stone! Of course I'm talking about this BRR Goes To The Movies AND Comics post. I am stoked. However, the link to the video ain't werkin. Any chance on getting a fixed one?

Thanks BRR.