Carnival Kids

How awesome would it be to name your son Kungfu Grip? Think of how cool it would beon the first day of school, when they're calling out names to hear, "Kungfu Grip Todd?" Wouldn't you be so excited to raise your hand and say, "Here, sucka?" That'd be super boss.

My name was always mangled in elementary school (in my entire public school carreer there was never another Dylan, I think in high school there may have been a Dillon, but I always got pronounced "Die-Lann." [sigh] Now I can't go to the grocery store without some mom around my age yelling at some snot-nosed, faux-hawked brat: "Dylan, put that down! Right now, mister!" Kids these days.) Anyway, what do you think? Kungfu Grip Todd? It's awesome, right? Right?!

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ColoradoCoolCats said...

would grip be the middle name? otherwise, the age old question..what goes with Kung Foo Grip?