Justin ¡@#$%^&*! Timberlake

We finally got our issue of Entertainment Weekly after being without for the last month or so and whose mug is gracing this week's issue? Justin ¡@#$%^&*! Timberlake, that's who. Does he bother anyone else? Because he bothers me. A lot. Seriously, what can this guy possibly have to say that I want to hear? Why should I take him and his ex-Mouseketeer @$$ seriously at all? Am I really supposed to believe that this guy is anything approximating a human being at all? It's like he's a Martian, he's so removed from reality. And not a cool Martian, a lame one. A lame one that used to be in a ridiculous boy band and was once a Mouseketeer but is now a "serious R&B singer." Seriously, I skimmed the article and he's all huffy because people always refer to his music as "pop music." Seriously? You're Justin Timberlake, not James Brown or Al Green or even freaking Cameo. Talk about delusions of grandeur. You are lame and you'll be lucky if 10 years from now you're anything but a question on Trivial Pursuit: the Lame Edition.

And now he's an actor, too, so I'll get to see more of him promoting stuff I could care less about. Yay me. Here is an open letter to the Justified One:

Dear Justin Timberlake,
Please go away. You are annoying.

Thank You,

Seriously, if anyone can forward this to JT, that'd be great. And ask for an autograph while you're at it.


Caitlin said...

I totally feel you, dog. What is with his facial hair anyway?

cbhoff said...

The lame edition...You are a funny man. I laughed quite a lot after reading this. I think Brandt would aggree with you 100%. The other day when we saw the commercial for the grammy's Brandt said, "He seriously hosts everything! He isn't even that talented!".