Let's Get Lost

Okay, so for those of you who aren't watching Lost because it's, well, a little complex (Caitlin...), now you have no reason no to.

"Why is that, Dylan?" you may ask. Well, I'll tell you. ABC ran a catch-up epidosde titled, "the Lost Survival Guide," where the show's producers, Damon & Carlton (we're on a first-name basis. Well, technically we're on a first syllable basis, but I figured you wouldn't understand if I referred to them as "Day," and "Car." We're tight like dat...) basically do a fairly good summation of the first two seasons as well as the beginning of season 3. They hit on all the major characters, sum up important mythology points and lay out the overall idea of the show. It's a really good crash course of the world of Lost.

So, to get caught up so you can be awesome - and so you can be prepared for this week's episode, "Stranger In A Strange Land," -
1) just head here,
2) cycle around until you see Lost,
3) click it and
4) select "the Lost Survival Guide," and
5) watch it.

Easy, right? You can also watch the last 2 episodes (which rocked, by the way) "Not In Portland," and "Flashes Before Your Eyes," from there as well, as they're not recapped in the "Survival Guide," though they were pretty rad.

And now you have no excuse for not being awesome.

* I would add that while this is good solution if you're wanting to just jump into Lost - which I am totally down with - it's much more rewarding to watch the series from the beginning. If you're planning on going back and watching it from the beginning, just know that some stuff will be a little - not a lot, but a little - spoiled for you. But it's okay because it's still teh awesome. Also, yes, I am totally in love with this show. It owns me.

** Title from Elliott Smith's posthumous and uneven final release, From A Basement On the Hill.


ColoradoCoolCats said...

THANK YOU!!! I have always wanted to be cool like you and if FINALLY getting into Lost is all it takes, Im in. Actually I am sooo grateful there is this survival guide, Ive given up watching the show b/c I NEVER understand what has happened and what is happening. So glad you know people!

barlows said...

Hey! Not that you want random lurkers on your blog, but I am not TOTALLY random, just a blast (or puff) from the past. It's Sarah Garrard Barlow and I have to say, even after ten years, your creativity and writing still cracks me up. It's amazing who/what you can find online these days. From the sounds of it, like is treating you well. I'm glad. I'll be checkin' your blog later :)

Caitlin said...

Okay, okay. I have no excuse. I'll watch it. Mostly I'm just tired of not being able to talk about it with everyone.