Dinosaurs Would So Eat Us If The Terrifying Things Were Still Alive Today

So I haven't posted in a while. Well, I've posted, but not posted posted. You know what I mean. Anyway, there are some reasons why this is. Mainly because there's nothing really going on that is in any way post-worthy. Also, I just thought it would be funny to post old pictures of weird looking guys saying funny things. And also that awesome Fatlip video.

So lately I've been spending my time looking for a job with approximately... zero results. I've been rethinking my strategy and have come up with a better way, I think, to go about looking for a job. I'll post more on it when it's more complete, but I think it will definitely get better results than what I've been doing, which is basically sending things electronically. You know, resume's and samples. It's a lot easier to delete an email than it is to throw out a cool resume/work sample packet you got in the mail, and a lot less impressive to view something on a computer screen at 72 dpi than it is to hold something in your hand.

Which got me thinking. As much as I love the internet and technology - and trust me folks, I love the internet and technology but not as much as you you see... always and forever, always and forever... - it's no substitute for the concreteness of holding something and being able to manipulate and interact with it physically rather than through the interface of a computer. Which is why I've always been a lot more drawn to print work than motion or interactive, as impressive as that stuff is. I'm far too tactile to spend hours working on something that isn't, at least as far as my 2007 narrow definition is concerned, "real." That is, something I can't touch. Like Woody Allen said, I don't like anything I can't reason with or fondle.

There's a lot of talk about society becoming paperless, and while I think there are definitely things that can benefit from the translation to a digital form (newspapers, namely), but some things, like books or magazines or posters, just need to be hefted or touched in order to really work. There's something missing when I browse a magazine's website or try to read anything of any great length on a computer screen (Like this post, for example). The smell of the paper, its texture and sound. These things can't, and shouldn't, be replicated in digital form. To do so would be to cut off an important piece of the experience, a part that is intricately linked.

Call me old school, but I still miss CD packaging now that most of my music comes through the internet. Shoot, I still miss LP's. Are we throwing things away that still work? Or is this just the sound of nostalgia creeping in as the world moves on? Will I be caught huddling in a corner with all my obsolete junk when the technological revolution goes marching by or will I be there, marching along into the future? Can't I have both? Please? Can I march with at least some of my junk?

Also, dinosaurs are freaky scary. Can you imagine seeing one? I can imagine there were a lot of messy cavemen undies when our sloped-foreheaded progenitors were confronted by one of those shocking creatures. Even the small ones would be enough to do me in. They were chicken-sized. Can you imagine being attacked by a chicken? With teeth? How about a tyrannosaurus? 40 feet of pure flipping-my-wig terror. When you're roughly the same size as something's teeth, it doesn't exactly inspire anything but dread. And a gigantosaurus? A GIGANTOsaurus?! I don't even know what that is exactly, but it doesn't sound too promising.

Anyway, I'm out. 8:30 church comes pretty early. Especially if you've been having nightmares about being attacked by dinosaurs all night. Which I will be. Peace.

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Caitlin said...

Yeah, there's nothing like bringing home a new cd and looking through the cover.

I'm sure you'll see some results sending a mail-out. I bet it will be awesome - actually, can you just send me one too?

Love that Woody Allen quote by the way.