Whip It

Let's face facts: grizzly bears are terrifying death machines. Huge, hairy beasts capable of tearing your head clean off your shoulders with just a carefree flick of their wrists. Makes you feel a little less safe to know they're just walking around out there, driving our cabs and mowing our lawns. Maybe even teaching our children in our schools.

Somebody has to stop them.

And that somebody is...

Catch all the thrilling excitement on Alan Thicke: Grizzly Killer. - "When grizzlies go too far, things get Thicke." Wednesday nights on Fox. Be there... or be bear... uh, food. Yeah.

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Caitlin said...

Okay, I saw this picture of some guy and the grizzly bear he killed. It was insane. It was huge. Totally scary.