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So far, we've got the following winners of the Mixtape mix CDs:

*Christina &...

Which leaves (say it with me now, and cheer up, Charlie...) three golden tickets floating out there (four if Robin has exempted herself... have you, Robin?) in the ether that is the internets. Ryan/Chanel? Jesse? Chris? You know you want one. Just comment. Everybody else is doing it. Just once won't hurt. And after that, we can jump off a bridge together. It'll be fun.

So, my time has been spent lately getting ready for, and trying to set up, job interviews. See, no sooner had I changed the description text in my header to say "Are You Ready To Rock, Cleveland?" that Cleveland answered me. The answer, apparently, is a resounding "yes."

I'll be flying out to interview with Twist Creative, who I applied with ages ago (It was my first application). They do really cool work and it would be great to work there. Right now I'm trying to set up a couple more appointments there to hopefully justify the cost of travelling, as well as getting my portfolio reprinted, getting some leave-behinds put together, getting some resume' holders ready (hopefully to mail out to the places I'll be interviewing with to get them a little excited about seeing me... just a cool little extra type of thing) and building a portfolio case. Yeah, I've got a lot to do.

I started screen-printing the other night and... it went pretty well. My first screen - the one with the finger - wasn't the most attractive thing, but it worked well enough. My second screen - with "HELLO" on it - was a lot cleaner and turned out a lot better. I just have to screen the front of the leave-behind covers and I'll be done screening.

Anyway, so that's my life right now. Sorry it's not funnier, though if it's funny you want, just head over here. Ryan's post from the other day is funny and my response is, hopefully, funny as well. We start off with a mentally-impaired Emeril, move on to Charlotte's Web, the Law of Moses, Hell, the pyramids and end up with Count Cool Rider, he of late Saturday nights on the old-school Channel 33 fame.

Until next time, true believers! Excelsior!

*Title from Robert Pollard's Normal Happiness.


Caitlin said...

Yeah! I love winning stuff! I can't wait to hear the legendary Dylan Todd mixtape!

Anonymous said...

Nice... Congrats on your interview. Best of luck!


PS- Damn, shrubbery... I thought I was safe back here.

ColoradoCoolCats said...

whew! i almost lost a chance to win a mixed tape??? geez i would have been kicking my butt for eternity! i have heard from numerous sources over the YEARS how great you are at making these, i however have the music apreciation of a, of a, of a.. i don't know, I DON'T have any appreciation. Ryan however will be so thrilled, I AGAIN saved his butt and won this sweet contest! THANKS RTD!

We're totally excited about your interview(s)- you'll blow their socks off!

ColoradoCoolCats said...

i mean tdr