Let's Dance

So, my birthday was pretty cool. First Candace & I went out Saturday night - a.k.a. Birthday Eve (I always have "Eve's" for whatever holiday it may be, which might be because we always celebrated Christmas on Christmas Eve around the Todd household) - to the always delicious Pineapple Grill (I refuse to call it by it's proper name "Da Pineapple Grill," sorry, I know that it speaks to its Hawaiina-ness, but it just sounds stupid) and the... well, the grocery store - which makes me feel like an old person - and finished the night off with a sundae at Mill Hollow.

Speaking of sundaes (see how I did that...) Sunday was the Birthday proper. Pretty chill. Went to church, came home, ate some peanut butter and honey sandwiches on this awesome Grandma Sycamore bread, went for a ride to get sis to sleep, took naps ourselves, opened presents, talked to my parents & siblings, grilled some burgers, lit a cake on fire, blew it out, lit it on fire again, blew it out again, ate some of said cake, put sis to sleep, went to the emergency room. All in all, it was a pretty cool day. Well, except for that last one. That sucked.

See, my ears have been sort of jacked for a week or so. I got this cold, I'm assuming from Sadie, and my ears have been sort of muffled for a while now, but last night, my right ear was acting all weird. Thinking it was just (I know it's sort of gross but it's my body, what can I do?) waxy build-up, I had Candace put some Debrox (an ear-wax softener) in there and that's when it started to hurt like a sonuva.

With a pain in my ears that would preclude any sleep, I decided I would get help at the only place open in Rexburg on a Sunday night: the emergency room. Within an hour I was home with a handful of ear-drops and a sample pack of Keflex (an antibiotic) because... (say it with me now) I have an ear infection. Yay! So yeah. My ear killed all night, feeling sort of like someone jabbed a railroad spike in the side of my head and just left it there, leaving me with the advice to "Get some sleep now, birthday boy!" Oh yeah, I also have no insurance, so it should be fun to see what this little birthday present ends up costing us.

So yeah, my birthday was 90% awesome, 10% screaming pain. I got an Amazon gift certificate (the online store, not the ferocious tribe of female hunters) which is, of course, already spent, a handsome shirt (featured in these pictures), a cool book on stencil graffiti and this sweet bracelet:


Anyway, thanks to everyone who wished me a happy birthday. You're a bunch of swell folks. I can't believe the big Three-Oh is here. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go put a bunch of medicinal crap in my ear and fumble around the house half-deaf. Seriously, I feel like Brian Wilson. Only, you know, not a genius. Peace.

*The title's from the spooky M. Ward version of the David Bowie song, found on his second album the Transfiguration of Vincent which I just downloaded from eMusic. And which is also pretty dang good.


Caitlin said...

I'm sorry about your trip to the ER. Ear infections are a kind of pain like no other. Russell swears he's never had one - is that weird to anyone else?

Anyway, Happy Birthday!

Amber said...

Dylan sorry to hear about your birthday e.r. visit. But thanks so much for explaining in detail what these little kids deal with when they have an ear infection! No wonder we don't even want to be around them.

Jesse said...

Happy Birthday Homeboy. 30 yrs. That's a big one but not as big as 25 (for me that was a real big one). Here's hoping for a great eventful year that hopefully finds you in Austin playing guitar for a really cool band on the weekends, writing a syndicated column and designing for an indie record company (everything from t-shirts to album covers to concert posters).

Speaking of, if I was there, and I had a million dollars, (if I had a million DOLLurz), I'd buy you a copy of the new disc from the swedish indie group Lonely,Dear. It's really really good stuff. do whatever it takes to get your hands on it. You won't regret it.