Dead Melodies

From Beck's Mutations album. I prefer "weird Beck" to "folky Beck," but this album's quite good. It's a little dull at times, but the highs outnumber the lows, unlike the more applaudded, but ultimately more dull, Sea Change album. And neither of them add up to the one-two explosion that is Midnight Vultures and the Information.

So, I finished my second and, for this project, final screen. No photo. Sorry. It looks a lot better than my first one, that is fo sho. I didn't realize on my first screen that I was supposed to put emulsion on the bottom and top of the screen. Oops.

I'm hoping to get over to the school and purchase some bookboard and bookcloth so I can get started printing these babies. Probably tomorrow. After work. I'm excited to get started on this. I have everything ready, just have to mix the ink and I'll be ready to print.

Also, new Lost is tonight. One of these days I'll work up my theory and post it here. Because that's what the internet was invented for: nerds who feel the unnecessary need to share their opinions with everybody. Peace.

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