Goin' Out West

Adam West is an American genius.

Channel 33 used to show doubled-up episodes of Gilligan's Island and the Adam West Batman series. The one-two punch of the comedy stylings of Bob Denver followed by the Overactors Anonymous scene-grabbing of Adam West? I was so there. Needless to say, my bum was parked for two hours every afternoon while I thought about maybe trying to start thinking about starting to do my homework.

Which brings up an interesting sidebar: How did I end up graduating from high school? I don't remember doing anything for those four years. Must have been my good looks and boyish charm that got me through. Or the $20 bills I'd paperclip to my book reports/science projects/geometry homework. Or the fact that I wore nothing but tube tops and hot pants for my entire high-school career and would often be seen "flashing some leg" at my female teachers? Aaaah, who cares, right? I gradgiated. That's what's important.

Back on track now... the old-school Channel 33 holds a special place in my heart (check the love for His Royal Darkness, Count Cool Rider over on Mostly Funny), right next to 103.5 - the Edge, Cafe' Espresso Roma and KUNV when it played music that didn't belong solely in elevators. Ahh, nostalgia. Why do you smell like polyester and old D.I. couches?

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The Fellers said...

Hey Dylan. How goes it. Hey I have a question, how do I post videos and music to the blog? I see that you do it all the time, and I just can not figure it out. If you could help, that would be appreciated! love the blog, look at it all the time! Oh, and we got the mixtape CD last night, lovin it!!!