Sad If I Lost It

WARNING!: I ramble on at length about Lost today. Sorry, but it's not as if you didn't see it coming, right?.

Oh man, so that rocked, right? For those of you who aren't caught up, I'll throw up a Spoiler Warning right here. So stop. Or it will be ruined. Forever. Also, If you want to dive into the craziness of being obsessed with this TV show, start clicking the links. Otherwise, just ignore this post. I'll post something about my nipples or something later (or tomorrow). You have been warned.

So, yeah, a Hurley episode. Can you think of a better way to kick off the (sadly, abbreviated) season? I really can't. Also, nice denim jacket, dude. It matches the bad@$$ Camaro. I love Hurley. Even emotionally/mentally battered Hurley.

Okay, so "the Oceanic Six"? Jack, Kate, Hurley, whoever was in the coffin. Who else? Who was Kate referring to when she said she had to get back to "him"? I don't think it's Sawyer (as he went with Locke), but anybody else want to venture a guess?

Ana Lucia's partner. Again with the interconnectedness of the Oceanic survivors. And how about that whole "Charlie swimming in the interrogation room" thing? What's on his hand? Dude!

The "lawyer," Mr. Abaddon. Um, yeah. Nice name. Did anybody else wonder if this guy was "related" to Mr. Eko's brother, if you know what I mean? I heard a rumor that when he left, a trail of smoke was briefly visible, but I haven't been able to find any confirmation. Yet.

Jacob's creepy cabin? And the freaky-deaky whispers? Aw, hecks yeah. But who was in that chair? And whose eye was that? (Does it look sort of like Desmond in that picture? Or is it just me?) And Locke just happened to be the one who found Hurley? Hmmm.

And I'm probably reading a lot into this, but Hurley sure is able to alter his perception throughout this episode, isn't he? Counting to five and things he doesn't want to see (but probably should) disappear? Hmmm.

Charlie! Dead but here = um, okay. I've heard rumors that Shannon and Boone will make appearances in this season, and now I guess we know how that may play out, don't we?

I [heart] john Locke. And dang! Jack got crazy, didn't he? He's always been a bit of a controlling maniac, but whatever happened to "Do no harm"? Hardcore, Chuck.

So, timeline-wise, this flash-forward takes place before the season 3 finale, as Jack hasn't gone completely Kaczynski yet. You have to wonder if Hurley hasn't just set Jack down th path we saw him on on in the finale. And what is this secret that they're lying about and unable to discuss? This is why I love this show. There's a lot of whining about the lack of closure or questions being answered, but that's the point of this show. Once you start explaining everything little mystery, it gets a lot less special. Right, Wolverine?

And the episode ends a sall great episodes of Lost should, with a nice, fat cliffhanger, as the crazy Oregon guy from Rescue Dawn parachutes in. Nice.

And speaking of cliffhangers, next week's episode, "Confirmed Dead," is the first (?) written by Brian K. Vaughn, an excellent comic writer (and native Clevelander) who joined the staff for the last half of season 3. He's co-writing with Cloverfield (which I should be seeing this weekend, barring any biblical-plague-esque ice storms) Drew Goddard. I've bee reading Vaughn's Y: the Last Man, and man, it's like he was born to write this show. Large cast, lots of mystery, huge cliffhangers, interweaving plots, clever dialogue... sound familiar?

Also, I'm sorry, but even the constant tease of an exclusive Lost clip couldn't get me to watch Eli Stone, especially when I knew the clips would be up on YouTube by today. In fact, here it is.

Anyway, that's enough Lost. Did anybody else notice anything I missed? What was your favorite part? Did you sit through Eli Stone? Was it as bad as it looked?


Patti said...

sigh . . .

I feel so left out.

huston/lilia said...

Dude it was jack's dad in the chair in jacob's house.

huston/lilia said...

i almost want to call and tell i am so stoked about i.

jason quinones said...

i don't watch lost so can somebody clue me in as to how this hurley guy stays so fat on a "deserted" island.

the contestants on survivor drop some serious poundage on their island and they're only "stranded" there for like a month!

did hurley discover a starbucks and not tell anybody? because starbucks is everywhere!

i tried to read the whole post but you lost me at "hurley counts to five...."

Dylan said...

Jason, it is addressed on the show. I won't bore you with the details, but it involved a rather large tub of ranch dressing. Which he was eating. With his hands.

jason quinones said...

i guess i'll tune in to see a fat guy eat a tub of ranch dressing with his bare hands.

um, wait a second, i think that's the plot for next week's according to jim.

Dylan said...

Jason, I literally LOL'd at that one. And I rarely do actually Laugh Out Loud. It's more of an expression, you know? But not this time.


Dylan said...

Oh, and Huston, sorry. I knew it was "Christian Shepard" in that rocking chair. Or at least something that had assumed his form?

Sorry to get you all worked up. We'll chat. Give me a call.

Dave L said...

sawyer went with locke but so did Hurley and HE got off the island...

Dylan said...

Dave, that seems ti be the prevalent theory, but I don't know. It seems too convenient. We're definitely being led to think so, but I have doubts.

My wild, based-on-no-logic theory: Sayid. Or, if I'm feeling adventurous: Ben. Did I just blow your mind?

Dave L said...


Do the oceanic 6 have to be people from the plane crash or could they sneek in Ben and say he was on the plane.

How would they get him to keep his mouth shut? Put him in a coffin?

Bride said...

i hate when it shows jack our fearless and strong leader be all psycho and unshaven in the FUTURE like it hasnt even happened yet.

also kinda annoying charlie so couldve gotten out in time to close the door and not drown. but i guess it was his "destiny".

still, very good television.

Dylan said...

Bride, sorry, but you're wrong. The communication room Charlie was in closed form the inside.

The only way he could save Desmond (who needed to relay the "Not Penny's Boat" message to everybody's favorite control freak, Jack & co.) was to seal the door before the Looking Glass hatch was completely flooded. Sad, but true.

Also, him and the actress that plays Kate sort of broke up, so there's that, too.