Bizarre Or Brilliant?

Welcome, contestants to another round of Bizarre Or Brilliant? where we look at a video clip and then determine if it's just freaking weird of mind-blowingly awesome.

Today's clip comes from the Nick Jr. show Yo! Gabba Gabba. Bizarre or Brilliant?!

Answer below. Show your work.


cbhoff said...

I just went 2 minutes without closing my mouth or blinking. Where...on earth...do you find this stuff? I feel weird. I am going to have to say, bizarre.

Good idea...Teach kids to eat their veggies.

Bad idea...Teach them that their food's alive and living inside them.

Digestion should be felt, not seen.

b3n said...

In a world where not everyone updates their blogs as much as they should, I can count on you, Master Todd.

For that I thank you.

For the unpleasant video I just saw, I don't thank you. When that show comes on while we're getting our fill of Nick Jr., we always change it. I mean, they just said party in my tummy 6 times a second for 2 minutes. That's 720 times, man.