If I had a television show, it would be about a guy. With a smart-aleck sidekick. They solve mysteries. And fight Martians. And dinosaurs. Maybe zombies. They also play saxophone. And they breakdance when they solve a mystery. And they also drive a talking car. From the future.

Also, there are werewolves. And a leggy blonde girl who is also smart.

My show would be called the Impossible Adventures of Mister Awesome and His Friend and would star Bill Murray as the guy and younger Bill Murray as the sidekick. Bob Denver would star as the voice of the car. The music would be provided by Miami Sound Machine.

Fortunately, such a show could never exist. Because it would shred the very fabric of reality with its amazingness were it to ever air.


Shon said...

The show has already existed, it was ten years ago or so. Except the girl had dark brown hair. The show was called "The Bill Clinton Presidency."

Patti said...

Will there be golf cart rides while under the influence? Why is that so funny to me? Because I love Bill Murray. Do it, Dylan.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE BILL MURRAY and The Miami Sound Machine to a lesser extent. Switch Bob Denver to James Taylor with random songs and I will sell Bryan's body to fund the production.

Darn. Bry has already told me to stop trying to sell his body, a few times.


PS- A what up to the Mrs. and a kiss on the forehead to both of the little ones. They are so ADORABLE!