Kissing the Lipless

Okay, so I stumble donto this. I'm not sure to feel sorry for in this situation. It's a tough call. So I turn to you, Beloved Internets: Who got the poop end of the stick in this case and why? Make sure to show your work.


b3n said...

I would assume that the lack of comments to this post is due to the fact that this is an extremely sad, scary, and uncomfortable situation. I can assure you, BRR, that Sir Ben Kingsley is not happy about having to make out with Skeletor.

huston said...

the correct answer is c.) we do.

tabo said...

If you ask me--which you did--I think Mary-Kate Ashley O gets the very short end of a very old and wrinkly stick. C'mon. This girl has transitioned from cute child actor/twin into a full grown, clothing wielding, respectable actress (if that's not too paradoxical). And she's hot to boot. I hear anorexia is making a big comeback.

Why wouldn't that washed up, knighted, Oscar-winning method actor feel grateful to spend 5 weeks swapping spit with a girl who's probably been getting a little Josh Peck action on the side. Doesn't that mean that indirectly Sir Kingsley is kissing the teen heartthrob who could easily be his grandson?

In this situation, Ben Kingsley stands to gain...He could potentially get himself:

-the admiration of 13 year old girls everywhere
-a new Olsen line blouse
-lip fungus

and the list could go on and on.