Remember the Numerous Iterations Of the Game "Tag"?

Like Cartoon Tag? Freeze Tag? I know there were more, but I can't remember any. Well, I got Blog Tagged. By Christina (Xtina?) Brinkerhoff (who finally updated her blog... Missed you, kid) and a while back Brooke sort of tagged me, though I didn't really recognize it. Also, she called me a "conformist," so, naturally I ran the other way and refused to play these silly reindeer games.

Now I am playing. I feel ridiculous.

Anyway, so, here goes:

4 Jobs I’ve Had:
1. Worked at Subway (the little hut-like one on Charleston between Lamb and Nellis) until I got robbed. Then I quit.
2. The phone survey place on Maryland Parkway across from UNLV that 75% of Chaparral High students worked at.
3. Worked for my friend Danny doing random handyman-type stuff for rich people and demolishing random warehouses. I was with him when he put his hand into a moving circular saw blade. It was masty.
4. I worked for the Gap for almost eight years. It was not as fun as it sounds, but I got payed a decent amount and got a discount, so... yeah.

4 Movies I Could Watch Over and Over:
1. Rushmore
2. the Goonies
3. Raising Arizona
4. the Conversation

4 Favorite TV Shows:
1. Lost, but you knew that already, right?
2. 30 Rock, because it is freaking hilarious.
3. the Office... same.
4. My Name Is Earl. So, basically, Lost and most of NBC's Thursday night lineup. I am also addicted to Battlestar: Galactica, but I've already admitted that and I'm following along via DVD anyway, so that doesn't count.

4 Places I’ve Lived:
1. Lehi, UT.
2. Las Vegas, NV.
3. New York, NY!
4. Rexburg, ID.

4 Places I’ve Been:
1. New York City.
2. Los Angeles.
3. San Francisco.
4. Austin.
All of them cool.

4 Favorite Foods:
1. Chipotle chicken sandwiches: the bomb on a bun.
2. Taco salad.
3. Bacon, solo or on just about anything. And I do mean "On just about anything." Yeah.
4. I firmly hold to my belief that Buffalo wings are the greatest human invention since fire. Maybe better than fire.

4 Least Favorite Foods:
1. Strawberries. I know. It's weird. Oh well. Deal with it. The taste, the texture... yeah, no thanks.
2. I don't like tomatoes a lot, either. I can handle them cooked, but raw... yuck.
3. I have yet to have a good sushi experience, but I'm open to it.
4. Wasabi anything.

4 Favorite or Most Frequented Websites:
1. A tie between Chris' Invincible Superblog and Jog-the Blog for my fix of comics-related blogs.
2. I am addicted to my Amazon recommendation list, my Netflix queue, my Last.fm page and my eMusic lists.
3. I also obsessively browse Rotofugi and Urban Outfitters, mainly for shoes. Because I have a problem.
4. My blog buddies blogs. It's true. I love you all.

4 People I’m Tagging:
1. Candace (uh, duh?)
2. Ryan, because I will look for any reason to read anything he writes.
3. Ben/Jesse. They're brothers. They count as one.
4. Patti. Oh wait, she TOOK DOWN HER BLOG! COMPLETELY! Do you hear that, Patti, that is Hope slowly dying. I hope you're happy. [sniff]

So, with her out, I guess I'll tag... Caitlin.

Tag. You are all, simultaneously, Blog "It."

***Little housekeeping stuff: Firstly, if you are voting in the Battle of the UnBands, don't forget to comment on the original post to be in the drawing for the poster. You will be sad if you miss out. Or not. Your call.

Secondly, I solemnly promise to all Mixtapery participants that I will get the ball rolling this week. Perfect crapstorm and all that. I promise.


Patti said...

I DIDN'T. I swear. I have a blog. I'm making it extra fun. You'll see. arrrrrrgh . . . I didn't need TWO.

I'm crying right now. Ugly crying.

Go see that PattiCakes blog.

Why you gotta play me like that? (I don't even know what that means. Bridget taught me that).

Patti Cakes . . . said...


Dylan said...

Oh Patti, how can I stay mad at you? I am literally lol-ing right now. Literally. I will check Patti Cakes and update the "Blog Buddies" sidebar. I promise. All is forgiven.

Dylan said...

You weren't really crying, were you? Because if you were, I wasn't crying. I swear.

cbhoff said...

Oh Dylan, you played along! I have to say, for the record, I hate chains and never send on forwards. NEVER. However, my lovely friend Vinnie tagged me so I thought, just for kicks, I'd play along. Plus, it was great to learn that you got robbed. Not great that you got robbed but I don't know many people who make it out of one. Go you!

Patti Cakes . . . said...

No, I wasn't really crying. We were laughing hard. I still have a blog. I'm working on it.

Blog buddies are fun.

P.S. Sometimes I think 'word verification' is an eye test.

Digital Scott's illustrationblog said...

I've seen Raising Arizona so many times!!! Such a great movie.