More Poster Fun

Another Novelty Act poster.

I originally had another idea (that I'll save for another poster), but I figured when you're playing a show at the Emergency Room with Girl In A Coma, you really can't pass something like that up.

The image is from a Boy Scout handbook I salvaged from DI a while back. The type is Helvetica (used on signage in most hospitals, so I figured it fit... plus I got it to look kind of nice! Yay me! The trick? Track it in, baby!). The scribbles are all Sadie. It took a little doing to get her to just scribble rather than draw super sweet faces, but she got the job done. Keep an eye on that kid. She's gonna be huge.

P.S.: Huston, I promise I haven't forgotten about you.


Candace said...

it's fantastic!

Shon said...

Way cute-tastical! I really like it, dude! Hey, anytime you want to send anything my way so I can hang it on the walls of my classroom, do it. Or if your boss company has anything they would like send for my room/ students that would be awesome. Keep up the worky!