That's Why They're Called "Business Socks"

WARNING: This is a little PG-13. Put the kids to bed and then watch it. Also, it is pretty hilarious. You have been warned.

It's sort of stating the obvious at this point, but I will say it anyway: Flight Of the Conchords is freaking hilarious.

Also, in other news, the sky is blue.

That is all.

***BREAKING NEWS: This just in: Kittens are cuddly. Film at 11.


b3n said...

Hands down the best show to come out of New Zealand ever.

*Not that it had much competition. Facelift anyone?

Brooke said...

For some reason this video looked slightly familiar.....except for the ugly jammy t-shirt.

Caitlin said...

I don't have HBO so I've only seen a couple episodes of their new show but I think they are hilarious! They put one episode on iTunes called Yoko and they sing this funny song at the end and it gets stuck in my head so bad. It's called The Tape of Love.

Dylan said...

"Stick 'em together with the tape - the tape of Lo-uhve! That sticky stu-uff!"

Dylan said...

I don't have HBO either. I have YouTube. I only got halfway through the season though, because HBO made them pull the content.


HBO is teh suck.