Sitting On the Fence Is Making My Butt Fall Asleep

I'm still trying to figure out if Yo Gabba Gabba! is awesome or not, but if I were judging based solely on the clips I've seem via YouTube, I'd be leaning towards "Awesome." Just watch this clip where Biz Markie (aka: An American Genius and A National Treasure) teaches kids one of life's more important lessons:

How to beatbox:

See where my confusion lies? I mean, ABC's, 123's, all that crap - kids will learn that stuff somewhere, eventually. But where, oh where will they learn beatboxing if not from television? It's not like the white man will let that get taught in his precious schools, so, where will we teach these kids the skills necessary to survive in today's fast-paced economy?

Is this not why Leonardo DaVinci invented the television in his secret diaries which also included instructions on how to make a robot gorilla army and how to hack an iPhone so you can use it on a wireless provider other than AT&T? (He also invented Tetris and had all the ideas for the television show, Dallas. Don't feel bad, I didn't know any of that either. Thank goodness for Wikipedia, right?)

This is my problem. It is of immense proportions.


b3n said...

No, Dylan, no. You must stop. If you can't handle this yourself, I will be forced to get the family together and implement an intervention.

The Fellers said...

Dylan, I dont know if Shon commented somewhere else on here about this, but everytime we play this for Scoty, he just bursts out laughing...he loves it!!! Too funny though, but I cant decide, between this one and the party in my tummy one....hahaha