Music & Me: A Love Story

Over the weekend I downloaded two albums. My eMusic downloads also refreshed, giving me another 50 tracks to add to my library on top of my iTunes purchases. Because I don't have nearly enough music.


The first iTunes purchase was They Might Be Giants' John Henry. I blame this on their latest, the Else. It was the shock of hearing such a solid TMBG album that recalled memories of their last really solid album. I had this on cassette as that format was making its last gasps before total extinction. I have a lot of stuff on tape that I still haven't replaced, but would like to. PJ Harvey's To Bring You My Love, Thurston Moore's Psychic Hearts, the B-52's eponymous debut. Psychic powers, you fail me again!

Anyway, this was the TMBG album after the one that hooked me, Apollo 18. It's a darker affair than Apollo, but it's chock full (20 tracks) of really good songs. Some throw aways, but they're at least interesting. It's an overlooked gem in the catalog of an often overlooked band.

I also got the Maccabees' Colour It In, which is kind of like the Veils met Bloc Party at a party hosted by the Futureheads. Yeah, that's about right. Very tight and upbeat. It's on sale at iTunes. $7.99 for 12 tracks. How can I say no?

So, yeah, I really need to get Psychic Hearts. They played a track from Moores' upcoming solo album on All Songs Considered and I remembered how awesome that album was.

Curse you, music. Why must you be awesome?


b3n said...

I'm in love with music as well, although I don't share your particular affinity for pop music. However, you and Jesse have done pretty well turning me on to some good indie stuff. Anyway, do you play any instruments?

Inquiring minds want to know

Dylan said...

Well, Inquiring Minds, it's funny you should ask. Back in the Stone Age I played guitar and sang a little.

I was in a couple of bands. One in high school - Sexual Chocolate (no, seriously) - I was the singer. We played against future Killers bass player Mark Stoermer. His band, Plane Grey, won. They were lame grunge crap. They sucked.

We played a Bowie cover ("Ziggy Stardust"), an Urge Overkill cover ("Sister Havana"), a Ramones cover ("the KKK Took My Baby Away"). Maybe a Nirvana song. I can't remember. It's a little hazy.

After my mission, I was also in a band with Bryan and some guys that are in his band now, actually. We were the Asthmatics, but I quit when it stopped being fun and started being a job.

We were pretty good, though. (I think so, at least. It's hard to tell when you're that close. If any unbiased third party wants to chime in, feel free.) Again with the Killers name-dropping, but we recorded a 12 song demo album in drummer Ronnie Vannucci's garage back when he was in Expert On October. He's a bit of a d**ch*b*g. Sorry, but it's true.

As I said, it's been ages, but some day I will have the desire to play again. i have all the accoutrement's (nice Roland amp, sweet Yamaha SG, another Yamaha acoustic/electric, a Tascam 4-track). They all just sit there, gathering dust and weeping.

Right after I write and illustrate that graphic novel I've been kicking around for the last five years.

And, as far as your lack of appreciation for pop, well, the first step is admitting you have a problem. Only then can the healing begin.