Their Murderous Programming

I am convinced that Wife Swap is trying to kill me via self-induced aneurysm. (By the way, I spelled that word right on the first try. Such is the power of my spelng abiluties.)

It's possibly the most aggravating thing on television. I mean, come on, you actually thought switching a hippy-dippy lady with a status-obsessed ugly American would yield anything else but lowest common denominator television? It's dehumanizing, this show. The people are portrayed as broad, ludicrous stereotypes without any semblance of humanity and we're meant to either laugh at their stupidity or be dumbfounded by their idiocy. It's like a moron zoo: "Look at the funny people. Aren't you glad you're not them? Hee hee hee. This lady is a biker and this lady is a vegan. See how they clash. Ha ha."

I'm not asking for nightly performances of Shakespeare or anything, but can we maybe aim a little higher in our "entertainment?" Seriously, what's next? A show of just car crashes?


b3n said...

Your television, kill it.

chanel said...

I am torn by this post. YES, this is horrible tv, why are we watching it? But what is worse is the people who SIGN up for this show! Are yo kidding me? Do they not know it will end bad? See I think it is "Moron Zoo", only the moronic beasts willingly put themselves in the cages- whats else can we do but goggle at them?