Dumb Angel

I'm not sure if you all know of my love for the Beach Boys. Actually, it borders on obsession. It's died down quite a bit from where it was (mainly because I managed to find almost every album I wanted in one form or another), but for a while there, it was pretty scary.

The Holy Grail of my Beach Boys collection obsession has been the acquisition of Dennis Wilson's long out-of-print solo album, Pacific Ocean Blue. Of all the late-period Beach Boys albums (Holland, Sunflower, Carl & the Passions: So Tough, his tracks on Friends & 20/20), his have the most soul and melancholy. Seriously, take a listen to "Cuddle Up" from So Tough and man ... just ... man.

Unfortunately, the record is normally going anywhere from $30-$50 on teh eBays, which, I'm sorry to say, is just too dang much to pay for a 30-year-old LP. And I can't figure out this whole Torrents thing and those punk kids won't stay off of my lawn and what's the deal with this hop-hop music? [sigh] I'm getting old.

But what's this! It's getting reissued?! With tracks from his never-finished Bambu album! Holy crap! It's like the universe remembered it was my birthday or something!


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