Is It a Crisis Or A Boring Change? (I'm Betting On the Former)

I'm on a sort of comics hiatus right now (as far as purchasing with any regularity goes, economic factors and whatnot), but I will be picking up Grant Morrison and J.G. Jones' Final Crisis miniseries from DC. I already expressed my love for their Marvel Boy miniseries (which, once I thought more on it, is a slightly more serious predecessor of Nextwave, what with both series taking every insane facet of the Marvel U and slamming them together repeatedly. What do you think? Am I crazy?) in this week's Sunday Comics, and it will take a pack of wild dogs or at least a couple of ill-tempered alley cats to keep me away from it.

Why? Because Grant Morrison's totally pwns me, that's why.

Just check this Newsarama interview where Jones describes the latest in a long line of Crises it as "a big over-arching time trip," that stars off with the first human in the DCU, Anthro (that's him with the stone ax talking with the time- and space- traveling New God, Metron) and ends with Kamandi, the Last Boy On Earth. Also, loads of Fourth World goodness sprinkled throughout.

Now that, ladies and gents, is why I read comics.


Dave L said...

So, did you ever see that episode of the Simpsons with the new comic book store? With all this comicbookery going on here I thought you would like it. If you did see it, what did you think? If not, you can still catch it on fox.com, the title was something like 'husbands and knives'.

Also, if you never see it I promise I won't cry. For very long.

chrishaley said...

Wow, you said it, Dylan.