BRR Goes To the Movies - I Need Your Help On This One

By now, you've most likely seen commercials for this. I'm sort of torn on it. On one hand, it's from the people who brought us the terribleness of Independence Day and [shudder] that Godzilla remake, both of which are the textbook examples of Terrible Big Dumb Sci-Fi Action, perfected this last summer with Michael Bay's Transformers movie, which at least had enough sense to have John Turturro in it.

On the other hand, this looks fairly awesome. sure, it's Big and Dumb, but it looks, I dunno, sort of fun?Am I smoking teh crackrocks? Let me know.

Right now, I'd say Rental, but who knows.


jason quinones said...

yeah it's total crap!

looks like it's trying to cash in on the tail end of the "300" cash cow. i'd go rent the raquel welch/ringo starr version. at least that one was trying to be funny.

jason quinones said...

or rent mel gibson's "apocalypto" which was really really good actually.

Dylan said...

I thought of the Apocalypto relation when I saw this. Only this movie has Saber-Toothed Tigers! Can you see my dilemma?!

jason quinones said...

the flintstones movie had saber tooth tigers too but i didn't rush to see that either!

but "300" has a giant man eating wolf,war mongering wholly mammoths and giant rampaging rhinos! and plenty of really fit half naked dudes to make it enjoyable enough for the wife to sit through!

and in the dvd deleted scenes you get to see the spartans vs. giants with midget archers strapped to their backs. i kid you not!

Papa said...

I've seen the previews of this movie in the theater and I have to say there is a lot here that is really bothersome from a reality perspective. But sometimes a movie needs to be seen on the big screen and particularly screens like those at the new Rave Theaters at Town Square, they're digital. Think giant HD.
Please forgive my butting in.

courtnee said...

maybe i am crazy, but i thought it looked really great in a creepy kind of way. especially, that little crazy-eyed guy. i will be going to it in the theater so i will let you know how it is.

chrishaley said...

I imagine it is going to be pretty big and dumb, but I'd imagine it would benefit from seeing it at the theater. It could be a good movie experience.. or it might just be awful.