They Got Lost

First off, if you haven't seen tonight's episode of Lost yet, stop reading NOW! and come back tomorrow. There are some SPOILERS! in the list of links I'll be throwing at you, okay? Okay. You have been warned.

First off, I'd just like to point out the Dark UFO site and Entertainment Weekly's Doc Jensen recaps, both of which offer interesting theories that aren't completely bonkers. I subscribe to both feeds because I am what is typically referred to as a "gigantic nerd".

I'm not going to try and digest everything, just throw a few things at you. Ready? Steady. GO!

* Desmond was hoping the freighter contained "answers." Well, did it? I'd say "yes," as a lot of information was dumped into our brains tonight. The freighter also contained that one character actor with the big head and little skinny neck. You know, the one I always mistake for Joey Pants. That guy.

* Somebody's read Slaughterhouse Five, what with all the "unstuck in time"-iness of this episode. They've already name-checked that book in the series, right?

* Dr. Faraday (who I can't stop thinking of as Reed Richards ever since someone pointed out that the four "Freighties" personalities resembled those of comics' first family, the Fantastic Four) studies time travel, eh? That explains last episode's card game.

* And take a look at this nifty little piece of interestingness. This theory makes a whole lot of sense, especially since we have:

a) a vortex between Sydney and L.A., where Oceanic 815 was flying.

b) a vortex over the Sahara desert where our friend the second polar bear (two cages, one bear still on the island) was found.

and c) Another between Africa and America (where the Black Rock would have been sailing, right?) and another off the coast of Madagascar, where the journal of the Black Rock's officer, a certain Mr. Hanso, was found.


* And I have no idea why, but I've always thought that hollow earth theory fit in here somehow. I know, it's nuts. I'm just saying. Don't you think it's weird that this diagram looks a lot like this logo? I'm just saying.

* I don't care if he becomes a remorseless hired gun for Ben in the future, I love me some Sayid Jarrah.

* Next week's a Juliet episode with flashbacks, all of which take place on the island. And Penny's dad is in them. Hmmmm.

* I love this show to bits. I'm sure there will be some who take issue with the time travel stuff, but I don't care. It is awesome. Deal with it.


Caitlin said...

Okay, I didn't check out the links. I don't know if I want to know other people's theories. Does it make it better?

Dylan said...

It depends on how big of a nerd you are. Part of the fun of Lost for me is the speculation and the involvement it encourages from its audience. It becomes a puzzle, a mystery that I can participate in.

That, and the big smoke monster. That thing is awesome.

huston/lilia said...

i tried calling you but i think i have the wrong home number in my phone. anyway give me a call. i need to purge some nerdness.

Dave L said...

This last episode was great. I am excited for the Juliet episode. So, is Penny's father the evil mastermind behind Dharma?

Dylan said...

Dave, while I'm not sure, I would bet that Mr. "Water Waster" Widmore's intentions are a bit more nefarious than Alvar Hanso's hippie utopian DHARMA experiments ever were. I get the feeling that he doesn't want to study the island so much as pillage it. But we will see.