Periods. Period.

I only caught about a half-hour of Tina Fey on SNL last night because I am a total featherweight and can't stay up past midnight anymore. (Plus, we drove down to Akron to hear Obama speak and waited in line for a while which left us a little tired.) Oh, the joys of bring in your 30's.

Candace and I did manage to catch this sketch though (before I passed out on the couch only to wake up around 4 a.m. all sore and disoriented) and both came really close to peeing ourselves.



Patti said...

Even though I saw it live I STILL clicked on. BHHAHAHAHA...

FYI, Bridget just fell off my bed laughing.

rose said...

i missed the opening (bad DVR!) but caught it right as tina fey started her monologue ("i can do it!")
did i miss anything in the first skit?

Dylan said...

You can watch the (abbreviated) opening sketch here.

Pretty funny stuff, although Fred Armisen does a horrible Obama. In fact, as funny as Armisen is, he's terrible at impressions. Sad face.

I almost want Hillary to win just so we can have four years of Amy Poehler as Hill.

I take that back. Even that wouldn't make it worth it.

rose said...

you're right -- obama impression wasn't so good. but did you see him do gene simmons? very funny!