I'm A Strong Lion

Patti (and now, apparently, Caitlin has hopped on the bandwagon) has been posting lists over at her blog. It's been fun. So fun, in fact, that I am totally going to rip her off. (Although she did get the idea from NaBloPoMo, so I don't feel all that bad.)

Every day in March I will post a list. I may post other stuff that is not list-related, above and beyond the one-a-day list, but once a day you will get a list. This I command! Are you excited? Did you pee a little?

Now, let's make this a little more interesting, shall we? I'm not going to post what each list is of. I'll let you guess. I know, crazy, right? Did I just blow your mind? Whoever can suss out the most at the end of the month gets a super- mega- ultra- rad prize which will be decided at some time in ... THE FUTURE!!!

Or is that dumb?

Let me know in the comments. If you guys think it's lame, I will totally ditch it. Quickly. Because you guys are smart. Smarter than me. I trust your judgement. You're probably the smartest and best-looking blog readers in the whole wide Internets. Seriously. I'm not just saying that. You guys are hot. If you could see me now you would see that I am licking my finger and putting it on your shoulder and then making a sizzling noise and then shaking my finger like I burned it on you. Because you are hot. Like fire.

PS: I totally ate it on the slippery sidewalk today and fell sideways and skinned my knee and banged my shoulder on the concrete. Sooo not cool. It hurt.


Patti said...

Oh YES, that's a fun idea. Do it. Do it. I want to play. No title on your lists. . .

Caitlin said...

You are a genius, my friend, a genius. I totally want to guess what your list is but will you tell us the answer after everyone has guessed, I want to know the answer.

Dylan said...

Maybe I determine a winner every week? Announce it on Saturday or something?

jason quinones said...