Holy crap! Happy Valentines Day, nerds of the Internets, the new Indiana Jones trailer is up for ...And the Kingdom Of the Crystal Skull... and it looks, yeah, pretty freaking rad. I guess I know where I'll be on May 22 - chillin' with Indy.


Totally unrelated, but does Shia LeBouf's (or as I refer to him: "the LeBouf") name drive anybody else crazy? Because once I hear or read it, my brain physically cannot stop repeating it. This only happens with his name. Well, and Tony Shalhoub. It's sort of like this:

Only with "LeBoufLeBouf"/"ShalhoubShalhoub" instead of "MalkovichMalkovich". I'm nuts, BTW.

If you haven't seen Being John Malkivoch, you really should. It is an pretty dang excellent film. The end.


chrishaley said...

I enjoyed Being John Malkovich, but I also found it powerfully depressing.
Was that just me?

chrishaley said...

Oh, and I absolutely cannot wait for the new Indy movie.
I even bought one of the new Indiana Jones Lego sets over the weekend.

Dylan said...

Chris, I was eyeing those Indy Legos during out ritual weekend Target run. The motorcycle set? Freaking radness.

chrishaley said...

Yup, that's the one I got.