BRR Goes To the Movies - Step Brothers

Adam McKay and Will Ferrell, with an assist by the one and only John C. Reilly, have officially made the ultimate arrested development man-child movie. It's like Billy Madison married Happy Gilmore and their children had to live together as step-siblings or something. I think I laughed at least four times during this trailer. And this is the second time I've seen it. I love that they are playing these characters as if they were 13-15 years old. It's genius.

If I had my way, I'd probably see this in the Theater. Am I crazy? And what are your thoughts on Semi-Pro? For some reason I think it will not be all that funny. Hmmm?


jason quinones said...

will ferrell is usually GUARANTEED hilarity. even his weakest comedy "blades of glory" had a couple of good laughs in it. but i saw that on pay per view. i'll probably semi-pro as well

Caitlin said...

When they make the bunk bed? I think I'll have to go to the movies for that one. Semi-Pro? I would go if money were no object. Have you seen all those Old Spice commercials? Hilarious.

Patti said...

Stepbrothers I'm in for the theatre. Probably opening night.

Semi-Pro . . . not gonna lie. Probably theatre. I'm a sucker for Will Ferrell.

rose said...

theatre on both, even though my sister saw semi-pro this weekend and was disappointed.

b3n said...

I haven't seen Semi-Pro but I've heard bad things. This looks like it will more than make up for it, though.

Hooray for FUNNY!!