In Case Of Fire, Post Beck

If you are reading this, the unthinkable has happened: I am totally stuck and can't think of anything to post. So you get videos. Beck videos.

First off we have the video for "Nausea" from Beck's excellent album, the Information. It has puppets:

Next we have Beck in a mariachi outfit performing the Guero b-side track "Clap Hands" on Saturday Night Live. There are also puppets in this one.

Finally, we get a little PG-13 with the video for "Sexx Laws" from my favorite Beck album, Midnight Vultures which has so much shimmy in it it should have warning label. It's the album Prince would make if he watched Blade Runner too many times. Sadly, no puppets. Just Jack Black. And appliances getting freaky with each other. You have been warned.

And there you have it, another catastrophe averted with the help of Beck. And YouTube, crutch of lazy bloggers all over the Internets.


cbhoff said...

Wow. Perfect timing...I just left a comment and came back to your blog and there was a new post! Go to bed D.

Dylan said...

Christina, Don't worry, I'm on my way to bed, I just have a few things to take care of. This music isn't going to steal itself. (Insert winking emoticon here: _______ )

Caitlin said...

Russ and I saw that Beck performance on SNL - so awesome. So. Awesome.