Suffer For Fashion

If I were a woman, I would never shop at a place named "the Dress Barn." Why anyone thought it was a good idea to make women think of livestock when they're trying on appliqu├ęd sweaters and stonewashed Mom Jeans (what I imagine they sell at "the Dress Barn") is beyond me.

Also, I would also not shop at the Fashion Bug. I would, however, shop at "Chico's". It sounds exotic.


courtnee said...

i have never been into a dress barn store, but i completely agree with this post. i, however, think of vest dresses...you know the dress that has the connecting vest over the bodice area...very ugly. what is sad is people do shop there and do wear those clothes.
and by the way...keep up the funny posts because you are one of the funniest guys i know. no pressure.

rose said...

so true! "mom jeans" and "dress barn" are 2 phrases that definitely go together.

chrishaley said...

Again, you've hit the nail on the head.

Dylan said...

Court, I totally forgot about the fashion abomination known as the "vest dress". Any piece of clothing that should really - and could easily - be two pieces is a definite no-no.

There's some fashion advice that you can take to the bank. The Dress Bank.