POW! - Handlight


After seeing this, I really wished I'd just taken a picture of the lights, without the hand. This is a waterfall wall in front of the mall at what used to be the Aladdin but is now the Planet Hollywood hotel in Vegas. I made my family walk across the street because I thought it would make a cool Polaroid.


By the way, for those of you who commented yesterday, I will skip 10,000 B.C. entirely. I guess it was teh crackrocks talking. Thank you for talking me through it. My brain is grateful.


jason quinones said...

i stayed at that flippin hotel when i went to vegas!! when we went it was in the middle of renovations so it was a weird amalgam of both hotel styles,half arabian knights, half cheeseball planet hollwood memorobilia. our room had a framed display on the wall of the original smelly sneakers juliette lewis wore in some movie. i'm not saying this is cool or anything. far from it.i'm just saying it was there. because it's so hollywood.

Dylan said...

Jason, Did you room smell like feet? Or like famous? Just wondering.

jason quinones said...

thankfully they were in a air tight plexi-glass case so they didn't smell like anything! which is good because juliette lewis looks like the kinda chick that could conjure a serious funk.