And Now, A Public Service Announcement

It's Super Tuesday for those of you living in one of the 24 states voting or holding a caucus (see Patti, I didn't use it as a verb! Yay for grammar!), so get out and vote if you are able. We don't vote here in Ohio until next month, which makes me sad, but hopefully, it won't all be over by then and I can do what I can to make sure I can say, "Well, I did my part and voted for the other guy, so, yeah. Not my fault."

A quick glance at my sidebar will show you that I've obviously come out of the closet on who I'm hoping to see in the White House come next year, and while I'm not saying you should vote the same way that I do, I really think that you should vote the same way that I do.

If you're undecided or unsure, take a look at Obama's stand on the issues, his record, his speeches, his character, his campaign - which has been the definition of class - and if you haven't read The Audacity Of Hope, well, you should, regardless of who you're favoring come November, and vote responsibly. If you're not registered, get registered. I installed the little Rock the Vote widget in the sidebar after registering through them a while back, so there's that. It's insanely easy to register.

I think it's pretty unanimous that this election is an important one. Do what you can and vote for the person you think will help fix our nation, which, despite its flaws, is still one of the greatest, if not the greatest, place to live, work and pursue happiness. Let's keep it that way.

***(Cue patriotic music and video of flag waving majestically in the background while I magically morph into an eagle, grab a bunch of arrows in my claw and catch a ribbon in my mouth with vaguely secret-society-ish Latin inscribed on it. Now that, my friends, is some patriotic crap right there.)***

I've tried to keep this blog as apolitical/secular as possible, as I know what it's like to be constantly maligned for one's political views or religion (ah, the plight of a Mormon Democrat), but I feel like I need to say something today.

And now I have. And I think that, as they say, is that.

And now, as a "thank you" for sitting through my little civics lesson, here's a Public Service Announcement from the Real American Heroes:

"And knowing is half the battle. Yo, Joe!"


Patti said...

Again, your comments RULE.

jason quinones said...

yeah kids!

listen to the half naked tattooed man who's hanging out at a children's park in the middle of the day for no good reason!

and if he offers you candy be sure to eat it all!

b3n said...

Today I was walking into work, and I saw this bumper sticker on the car:
Member of the Religious Left
I thought, "How cool is that?" (being from Utah and all) Then, to make it even cooler, I saw the driver and passenger were an old couple at least in their late sixties.

Awesome! We're not alone!