An Open Letter To the Bum Dog...

Dear Zach Braff,

Okay, so Scrubs was pretty funny, if forgettable. And Garden State was really good until it decided to be just another romantic drama rather than the quirky love story it stared out as and the soundtrack proved you're a man of taste and judgement. All around, I'd rate you like a "7" on the Decent, Level-Headed Human Being scale.

So how can you explain this freaking annoying Cottonelle ad?

Now, your voiceover work for Wendy's, I could understand that. A man's gotta eat, but this? Wow. I'm not sure if this is meant to be cute or funny or weird. Because it's none of them. Okay, it's weird, but the other two, no. Please, make the hurting stop.

Why, Braff? Why?



Dave L said...

I thought the same thing when I saw that commercial but, how did you even know who was doing the voice?

Dylan said...

Dave, I don't know. I have this sixth sense when it comes to voiceovers on commercials.

Like John Lithgow for... Ford, is it? The commercial where the one guy says "I'll pay for the gas and you pay for the food," and then totally jacks his friend. Seriously, what a jerk.

Or the guy who sounds like Gene Hackman (though I don't think it is, other wise I would only shop at Loew's because I triple heart Hackman) on the Loew's commercials.

Weird, I know.