So the NaBloPoMo keyword for April is "Letters," which could refer to a letter you would write someone or to the letters themselves. At least that's how I'm reading it.

So I'm asking for your help. Give me a list of words A-Z (for example, "A is for Avalanche," "B is for Barbecue", etc...) that can help spark a blog post. Every day I will choose one at random and that, dear reader, will be my post. So, leave yr list in the comments portion. You can help make Internets History. You will be famous. Oh, so famous.

And now there's nothing left to do but, well, I'll let this creepy white trash guy's forehead finish that sentence for me:

What else needs to be said?


ETA: I just found this drawing on the floor. It is awesome:



jason quinones said...

please tell me you photoshopped that tat on his head.

is the wisdom of larry the cable guy so powerful that it warranted someone to permanently mark their forehead for life with this!

jason quinones said...

a is for aardvark
b is for barack obama or bond,james bond
c is for cat's pajamas or comic books
d is for dunkin donuts
e is for emo boy tight pants or e- coli
f is for fruit cake
g is for gaffigan,jim gaffigan

that's enough for now...

Dylan said...

Jason, you have no idea how badly I wish I could tell you that that was a faked photo, but, sadly, it isn't. Apparently, this runs in the family, so be careful out there.

And to answer your question re: "The wisdom of LTCG" - No. No it isn't.

rose said...

creeeepy photo. i have to get over it before i can post a list.

ok still not over it. but anyway, here's a random list of what is on/around my workspace:

A april (calendar)
B binders
C computer
D desk
E envelopes
F files, files, files
G gum (peppermint)
H highlighters
I ipod
J junk food (specifically, the office candy bowl)
K kleenex
L lotion
M magazines
N numbers
O orange chair
P pictures
Q quiet (as in the place i work is way too quiet)
R rubberbands
S starbucks cup
T telephone
U upc codes
V various subscription cards
W website
X excel spreadsheet (had to cheat)
Y yellow post-it notes
Z zzzzzzzzzzz (i need more coffee)

thanks for the distraction while i "work"!

Patti said...

a apple dumpling
b brownie
c carrot cake
d dessert
e elixir
f french taunt
g gaggle
h happiness
i ice cream
j jock
k kleenex
l limeade
m muffins
n nuts
o oats
p pancakes
q que
r radish
s salsa
t tomatillo
u ulnar nerve
v vice
w wheat chex
x xenobiotic
y yorkshire pudding
z ziti

courtnee said...

a is for animals
b is for breakfast
c is for courtnee
d is for dogs
e is for experiments
f is for funkalicious
g is for guilt
h is for happy
i is for igloos
j is for jack-o-lantern
k is for kites
l is for life
m is for money
n is for noise
o is for obama
p is for pigs
q is for quizes
r is for relish (something i hate)
s is for santa claus
t is for tv
u is for umbrella
v is for victory
w is for waves
x is for ????
y is for yellow
z is for zig zag

courtnee said...

i just realized quizzes is spelled with 2 z's. oops

Caitlin said...

A - avocados
B - banana hammock
C - cold turkey
D - Department of Motor Vehicles
E - elephants
F - fly fishing
G - goiters
H - high fives
I - icon
J - James Carville
K - kite flying
L - lobotomy
M - Martha Stewart
N - Neverland Ranch
O - opium
P - Papas Fritas
Q - Quebec
R - rastafari
S - Seven Brides for Seven Brothers
T - tiramisu
U - umbilical cord
V - valium
W - Washington
X - xylan
Z - zoology

Dave L said...

A – Abercrombie
B – Black Belts
C – Charleston Chews
D – Dark Side
E – eggplants
F – fake-believe
G – gestational diabetes
H - heartstrings
I – impish little men
J – Jim Belushi
K – Killer instincts
L – Last Resort
M – miscreants
N - nightrider
O – orange soda
P - peacocks
Q - quilting
R - restaurants
S – Special someone
T - tryptophan
U – umbilical hernia
V - velociraptors
W - whiskers
X – x-ray goggles
Y – yesterday’s news
Z – zamboni

chrishaley said...

A is for The Atom
B is for Black Adam
C is for Captain Marvel
D is for Doom Patrol
E is for Etrigan, The Demon
F is for Firestorm
G is for Geo-Force
H is for Hakwman
I is for Impulse
J is for Jemm, Son of Saturn
K is for Klarion the Witch Boy
L is for The Legion of Super Heroes
M is for Mister Miracle
N is for Negative Man
O is for Orion
P is for Prometheus
Q is for Queen of Fables
R is for Robin
S is for Superman
T is for Traci Thirteen
U is for Ultra the Multi-Alien
V is for Vandal Savage
W is for Waverider
X is for Xombi
Y is for Yellow Peri
Z is for Zatanna

chanel said...

i love caitlin's list!!!!!

b3n said...

apple jacks
banana pancakes
Corellian Freighter
delta force (what else is there?)
elephantitis of the ego
hostile apostle
indigo montoya
jack white/black/palance
llamas (in general)
muscle cars
rock and roll all night
star wars
tortilla soup
under the table and dreaming
Victor Lemonte Wooten
wilhelm scream
yankee stadium
zagat survey

Shon said...


RyanAdams said...

Alien Nation (this is a list of best tv shows ever, right?)
Benny Hill
Don Quixote
Entertainment Book
Gilbert (the cat, not the comedian)
Harpers Bazaar
Jack Kerouac
Kool-Aid Man
Leaf Blower
Mustard Seed
Nest Egg
Polly Pocket
Queen Friday
Richard Simmons
X next to the word "yes" after the question "Do you wish you were Dylan Todd?"
Yellow Zonkers (Is Pizzo reading this)

b3n said...

And it's this Xanadu that I'm talking about.

/never forget

Anonymous said...
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