March Of the Lists - #11

1. Old 97's
2. Ben Folds Five
3. Paul Simon
4. Rollins Band
5. Violent Femmes
6. Pavement
7. They Might Be Giants
8. Bob Dylan
9. Interpol
10. Flaming Lips
11. The Shins
12. Elliott Smith
13. Neil Young
14. Ryan Adams & the Cardinals
15. Wilco
16. R.E.M.
17. Spoon
18. Brian Wilson
19. Pearl Jam
20. Beck
21. Jonathan Richman


Candace said...

i think i know this one. if i'm right, this was an easy one. can i guess?

huston/lilia said...

i thought maybe dylan's favorite bands but then i the beatles were noticeably absent, so i'm not sure.

chrishaley said...

Though I have no guess, I'll be glad to hear the answer.

Patti said...

I sure like this list, but I'm not even close to a guess on this one.

Candace said...

bands you've seen live.

Dylan said...

Candace got it because she was there for a hearty portion of those concerts. Way to go, pretty lady! You win a giant stuffed bear!

Dylan said...

Just kidding, folks. There are no giant stuffed bears to be won. I apologize for misleading you.