Does That Make Me Crazy?

I must say, I am roughly ten kinds of excited for the new Gnarls Barkley album, The Odd Couple, doubly so after seeing this video for their first single off what is poised to be one of the best albums of '08.

I feel it is only fair to alert you to the fact that the UK division of MTV is refusing to show it on the grounds that it may cause seizures. You have been warned.


In other news, we watched The Darjeeling Limited last night. I dunno. I liked it, but didn't love it, y'know? The whole thing was a little too familiar (Owen Wilson basically plays Bottle Rocket's Dignan in Dengar headgear), a little too mannered (as much as it pains me to say it, I think that Anderson's signature directorial style is starting to overshadow the story he's trying to tell) and a little lacking in the "heart" department (I had no connection to any of the flat, self-involved characters who wander around India saying thing like "I like the way this place smells. It's spicy.").

There are some funny scenes, a couple touching scenes and a lot of fun, gorgeous, but ultimately disposable stuff in-between. It's not that it was a bad movie - a "pretty good" Wes Anderson movie is better than just about anything else clogging the rental shelves / Netflix / Redbox / whatever today - it's just that I felt I'd seen similar stories told better, and by Anderson. It's Bottle Rocket (band of misfits on a journey) meets The Royal Tennenbaums (screwed-up family drama). It's like someone doing an almost successful Wes Anderson imitation. Almost successful.

I don't know. My opinion will probably change the more I think about it, but as it stands, I'd rate it as my least favorite film of Anderson's admittedly impressive body of work. Which is sort of like saying it's the ugliest Victoria's Secret model or something. I don't know.

Am I nuts? Comment below.


Patti said...

I sort of like it that he seems to be spending his lifetime developing these few specific themes. It's sort of like Hitchcock being obsessed with suspense. I really did like the humor in this movie, certainly more than The Life Aquatic.

And after all, their mother ran off to be a nun. What isn't funny about THAT?

Patti said...

I might be talking too much...

b3n said...

We just finished it two nights ago. Sadly, it's my least favorite Wes Anderson movie. And I love me some Wes Anderson. I agree with your whole review. Here's mine:

No feeling.
Formulaic Anderson.
Cool color scheme.
Nice to see Team Anderson back in action, but I came away from the movie feeling like his best stuff is in the past.

Give him about 10 years to get through the "awkward" time in his life and we'll get another movie on par with "Tennenbaums". Until then, he's moved indefinitely to rental territory.

rose said...

another movie i haven't seen yet. (surprise surprise.) i think i'll put it at the top of my queue to replacethe aviator. i need to see the brilliant use of colors for myself.
or maybe i should go with the life aquatic? i haven't seen that one yet either.

chanel said...

i need your help! our girls camp theme is super heros and our ward is the Fantastic Four- does that lend itself to anything cool?

Dylan said...

Chanel, call me one of these nights.

Rose, I'd recommend Darjeeling over Life Aquatic, as Aquatic is probably his most divisive (love it/hate it) films. I loved it, but I'm obviously nuts.

Patti, I have no problem with Anderson going back to the mine for more of that golden goodness, but I thought this trip didn't yield the nuggets previous ones did. Wow, that was a terrible metaphor and I stretched the heck out of it. Nice.

april said...

you know, i've heard similar sentiments over and over about this movie but i absolutely LOVED it. which is not to say that the things you mentioned weren't true. i don't know...maybe it's that i saw it at just the right time (and with my brother). maybe it was the setting. to be honest, i really don't mind the repeated conventions at all. and maybe that's why i fall for it every single time. i'd have to say that "the life aquatic" was my least favorite, but i love what you said about, "that's kind of like saying the least hot victoria's secret model." so very true.

chrishaley said...

I still haven't seen it.
I'm ashamed.