Holy Rapid Eye Movement, Batman!

A shocking news item from the R.E.M. camp:

I'm not advocating violating federal copyright law, but I have heard that the new R.E.M. album, Accelerate has been leaked - for incredibly short windows of time before the Netzis remove it - in various corners of the Internets. I have also heard that it is very good. On par with Monster or New Adventures In High-Fi, which is to say it is incredibly guitar-driven and pretty much rocks one's socks off.

That's just what I've heard. From some people. Bad people. Pirate people. And not the cool pirates with parrots and wooden legs. Bad pirates. Eeeevil pirates.

I have also heard that the new Gnarls Barkley is album, The Odd Couple is good. Not as good as St. Elsewhere, as I'm sure all the hipsters will be quick to point out, but still quite good.

That's just what I've heard.


Oh and by the way, this is post #700 on Big Red Robot. Thanks for reading and especially commenting. You're all beautiful people and I appreciate every one of you. Here's to 700 more posts about whatever. Peace in the Middle-you-know-where.


b3n said...

Just dropping by to say thanks for hooking me up with that link to download the new R.E.M. album. I really enjoyed it, and agree with your assessment of the Athens Threesome's new effort.

Oh wait, I just re-read your post and... well, uh, nevermind. I meant to say thanks for pointing out the evils of the internets all around us! Everybody Panic!

Dylan said...

Ben, I have no idea what you're talking about.

chanel said...

i have a very important comment on your list #20- please be advised.

rose said...

that video was pretty funny.