March Of the Lists - #14

1. Stirring the Chili
2. The Gunfighter
3. The Cigarette Stomp
4. Fax Machine
5. The Boogie Monster
6. Shake N' Clap
7. Crab Cake


Caitlin said...

Dylan's favorite dance moves

Patti said...

I swear I was going to say dances that amuse Dylan

Patti said...

or dances that sound funny to Dylan . . . or dances Dylan has made up

Dylan said...

Caity got it, though some of them I did made up. I'll let you guys guess which ones.

Patti said...

Is the fax machine made up? (It's a good one)

Dylan said...

Patti, Re: "the Fax Machine" - I wish I could take credit for it, but it's from the pretty bad Mary Catherine Gallagher movie, Superstar.

barlows said...

I think you should post a video demonstrating each of these dances.