Part Of A Fair, Blanced Diet

Here are some political videos* that you have probably already seen. Here's one for the John McCain crowd:

And here's some TRUTH about Hillary:

Horrible! But wait, there's more:

And to be fair, here's one about my main man:

And there's this:

Good luck getting that tune out of your head, suckers! I am cackling maniacally! You can't hear or see it, but I am.** Yeah!

I'll post a list later as well as post a little about next month's NaBloPoMo challenge. Exciting, right?


Big thanks to 23/6 for these videos. There's some pretty funny stuff there.

* Or if you "don't watch PBS," you'll probably refer to them as "propaganda."

Sorry, let me explain: I was checking on on some of my blog buddies and one of them had posted about a recent Frontline episode titled Bush's War (which I haven't seen). My blog buddy commented that they had watched it and "Wow. We're a mess." (Yeah. Pretty much.) There were a couple of comments, one of which asked if the program was "propaganda" and went on to remark that there is a "reason [they don't] watch PBS," but said they would "try to give it a listen." (Emphasis added by me for dramatic effect. Also, because I'm sort of a jerk.)

This immediately caused me to, quite frankly, flip out. You do not mess ... with the PBS. (Did somebody say "T-shirt slogan?")

Now, I'm sorry to pick on some random person on the Internets, but that's quite possibly the weirdest thing I have ever read online. Okay, so maybe it's not even close, but man, my mind is reeling from that comment. I tried to respond but I was just too flabbergasted to ever hit the "Post Comment" button.

Plus, I felt bad about ripping into some stranger on somebody else's blog. It's one thing to do it on your own blog - which I obviously have no problem with - but I rarely comment on this person's blog (nothing personal, I just don't) and thought it rude to do so just to say "Wow, you have some really weird ideas about stuff. That comment will one day, eventually but most assuredly, give me an aneurysm. Congrats."

PBS is a fountain of liberal propaganda? Really? Nova and Masterpiece Theater and Mystery! and Great Performances and Sesame Street? Really? Okay, I'll give you Sesame Street. I don't trust that Cookie Monster. He never blinks! Like, EVER!

Am I crazy? Is PBS so obviously left-wing and I've just been blinded by it or is this just someone voicing an unfortunately ill-informed opinion over the Internets (which is really what it was created for, but still). And I apologize in advance if this is one of my blog buddies' really close, personal friends or family, but I had to get this off of my chest somehow. Otherwise, My Head = Splodey.

I feel better now, don't you?

** I wasn't really. I totally lied.


jason quinones said...

cookie monster doesn't blink cuz of all that speed he takes!

today's episode is brought to you by the letter S and C!

because C is for Crank...

not Cookies!

liberal nazis dem pbs'ers!!

huston/lilia said...

yeah how dare a network offer fair and unbiased coverage of the most important issues facing our world today. i hate me some propaganda.

now excuse me while i go watch seventeen hours of fox news.

Candace said...

there's some funny stuff here. thanks.

now, i really try not to be easily offended....but that cookie remark really sets me off. hilary is a jerk.

also, the pbs person....there's so much i want to say about that person...but it's all mean. so i won't. just....duh!!!

also, i love pbs.

barlows said...

Oh, Dylan! I will just say, "thanks" and "ditto" and "amen." Trust me there's a history of "propoganda" discussions between the two of us :) It's not worth the breath.

chanel said...

Holy crap when those little kids try and say his name I htink I peed my pants! Thanks for giving me the youtube I am too lazy to seek out.

And yeah PBS, hmmmmm... people are freaks.