Rise Up With Fists!

Last Friday, my office went to the 31st Annual Cleveland International Film Festival (which wrapped this last weekend) and watched a presentation of the World's Best Commercials program. There was some funny stuff. Like this:

"You smell like vegan chili," is my new favorite insult. The others in the series are just as brilliant. See for yourself here, here, here and here.

I also thought this one was really clever (and just weird enough):

But this one took the cake, though. Enjoy.

My biggest regret this year was that the commercials program was the only film I saw over the two weeks or so the festival ran. Our office does all the creative work for the festival as well as the Cleveland Film Society and consequently we get a buttload of VIP passes to the festival but, for one reason or another, I didn't make it out. Lame, I know. And John Sayles was the spotlight director. How cool would it be to watch The Brother From Another Planet in the same theater as the man who made it? [sigh] Hopefully I will be a little more with it (and a little less snowed in/just plain lame) next year.


Caitlin said...

The wind one is so funny. When he lifts up that lady's dress?! That cracked me up.

cbhoff said...

I love the wind one. I saw that a while back and thought it was the cleverest thing. The cat one is funny too, I do agree.