March Of the Lists - #28

1. The Hot Potato
2. Boogaloo
3. The Baconator
4. Deputy Dawg
5. Awesomealicious
6. Hot Cross Buns
7. Crocodile Funkee


Don't forget to leave your A-Z list. Please won't you?


Patti said...

Songs to play on the recorder?

Dave L said...

Dylan's secret pet names for Kevin Bacon.

Patti said...


chanel said...

a- armpits
b- bacon
c- cupid
d- dragons
e- equator
f- fat people
g- garages
h- hyper color shirts
i- irregularity
j- jumping jacks
k- kissing
l- lumber jacks
m- man purses
n- nickels
o- over heard conversations
p- puke
q- questionable blog comments
r- robot babies
s- soda or pop
t- tuberculousis
v- volleyball and how much you love it
w- wet willies
x- Xmas
y- yoga
z- zoo smells

Dylan said...

Answer: "Nicknames I Wouldn't Mind Having."