March Of the Lists - #13

1. Those Damn Osmonds!
2. My Dad, The Zombie
3. Man Versus Semi-truck
4. Let's Talk About Squirrels
5. Please Stop Hitting Me
6. Car Wrexx!
7. I Can't Believe It's Not Sergio
8. Cowboy Versus Dinosaur
9. It's Prison Time!
10. You Are Stupid
11. Saint Erstwhile
12. History! Boring, Boring History!
13. Alligator Dentistry
14. America's Smelliest Feet
15. Make Morrissey Laugh!


Patti said...

Shows Dylan would like to see on television

Patti said...

Shows Dylan is "pitching" in his dreams...

Dylan said...

Too easy?

Also, which one would you watch?

Dylan said...

Or ones? Me, I'd buy a TiVo just so I wouldn't miss Those Damn Osmonds.

Patti said...

I would definitely watch:

Please Stop Hitting Me
Those Damn Osmonds
You are Stupid

I might have mentioned before (maybe 100 times) that I wished you wrote for television.

I miss Studio 60

Chanel said...

How is Patty SOOO much cooler than me?

Chanel said...

probably b/c she spells her name with an i not a y

chrishaley said...

"Shows chrishaley would enthusiastically Tivo"