March Of the Lists - #5

1. Scrape ice/hail off the driveway for an hour last night.
2. Listen to Hillary wah-wah-wah on and on about her "victories".
3. Shovel snow off the driveway before work.
4. Shovel snow off my car before work.
5. Chip ice off of my windows.
6. Literally dig myself trenches so I could remove my car from the curb and drive away.
7. Drive on some slushy/icy/slippy roads with my muffler almost hanging off my car and only a small swath of clear windshield to navigate through.
8. Bungee said muffler back on my car after work.
9. Be stuck at work because my car won't start because my battery died a painful death.

Guess away.

PS: Anybody give up on yesterday's list?


Patti said...

Why I hate winter this year?

Patti said...

Reasons I'm entitled to whine.

Patti said...

Reasons this week sucks?

chanel said...

sucky things that never seem to end! ESPECIALLY HILLARY'S wah-wah-wah!!!!!

ANd I can't figure out the future jump suit thing- DANG IT!

Papa said...

Why I hate Cleveland, Ohio?

O.K. it's really very likely those all reason why I hate Cleveland.

Patti said...

And yes, I give up on List #4. Painful.

chrishaley said...

These lists are a lot of fun, though I fear I'll never answer any of them correctly.

Dave L said...

Things that suck the life from/freeze Dylan's warm and fuzzy soul?

Dylan said...

The answer was: "Things I Did not Want To Deal With Over the Last 24 Hours, But Had To Nevertheless." I'll let you guys debate who got closest.