The Year We Make Contact

I just found out that Arthur C. Clarke died. I'm sort of bummed. If you haven't read 2001, 2010, 2060 or 3001, you really should. They're totally bonkers. In a good way.


b3n said...

I heard on NPR this morning, I reflected.

He was... old though, so that's good.

R.I.P. A.C.C.

chrishaley said...

Does 3001 take place in the Futurama universe?

huston/lilia said...

dudes so i read your post, mourned a little and moved on.

then last night i had this dream i was in one of my classes and someone asked if anyone famous died and i said "arthur c. clark" and everyone thought that was really lame. i got so pissed i got a smoothie.

Dylan said...

Huston, I love that your coping mechanism for being rejected by your classmates is getting a smoothie. Now I have a gauge as to how pissed you are: is Huston "Smoothie Pissed," or just "Pissed."