Links & Lists

Have I pointed out Faces In Places yet? Because it's awesome.

Also awesome is Stuff White People Like, where you get hints on how to interact with us honkeys. Brilliant stuff.

As long as I'm link-pimping, I'll give a shout out to Destination: Blog, home of comics hilarity and some pretty upstanding persons.

Also, Chris Haley, you cannot beat "Cassanova Frankenstein" as Best Villain Name Ever. Please stop. You're making a big mistake. People of the Internets, am I right? Please help me set this man straight, as he is obviously a little mixed up. Thanks you.

I'm pretty excited to do a poster for the new project from former Dismemberment Plan frontman, Travis Morrison: Travis Morrison Hellfighters, who will be playing with the Novelty Act later this month. If you haven't heard The Plan, well, there is no hope for you, as Emergency & I and Change are a couple of amazing, amazing albums. Seriously.

And finally: Enjoy.


Also, List #4 was titled "Reasons To Get Back To Work On That Time Machine," though any sort of reference to time travel would have been accepted. You all lose.


chrishaley said...

It's a very cool name, but clearly it does not excite the same kind of heightened arousal in me that it does in you and Joel.
It doesn't even sound like a villain name to me. It sounds more like a hero/rogue with a heart of gold kind of name to be honest.
Clearly Joel (and you) and I have different ideas for what the criteria for "Best Villian Name" should be.

Dylan said...

Clearly your "ideas" are "wrong." Or "maybe" they "aren't." One thing "is" for certain ":" I "love" quote "marks."


No, I applaud your enthusiasm on this quest to find the perfect villain name, I just feel the "Casanova Frankenstein" has that perfect balance of sexiness / villainy / ridiculousness that puts it in the pantheon of Most Awesomest Things Ever.

Then again, I think Gilmore Girls was one of the best television series of all time, so what do I know?

Patti said...

I confess I spent a lot of time trying to figure out that list. And I wasn't alone. I circulated it and had a friend going CRAZY - he normally looks at a puzzle and solves it.


I hope you'll keep posting them through March. It's been fun.

Patti said...

And thank you for "Stuff White People Like". My Hawaiian and Hindu friends were especially fond of the Asian remarks in #11.

Right now they are laughing at my expense.

Caitlin said...

Linkmaster Dylan. Seriously. Stuff White People Like is hilarious.