March Of the Lists - #20

After the last couple of toughies, I'll lob this one right over the plate for you:

1. Michael
2. Claire
3. Jin
4. Karl
5. Bernard
6. Mikhail again (third time's a charm)
7. J.R.


b3n said...

People that are going to DIE.

cbhoff said...

My first attempt at these lists...

Lost characters and I agree with the above answer.

Patti said...

If it's Lost characters that explains why I don't get it.

It was not a "lob" to me. More like an "overhead" or "smash".

I am not, however, discouraged. Keep the lists coming...

Dylan said...

Patti, if you would just do what all the cool kids are doing and start watching Lost...

(It's called "peer pressure," kids.)

Patti said...

I KNOW. You're right.

As soon as Seminary is over I'm adding all the seasons to my Netflix queue.

I wanna sit at the cool table.

Dylan said...

We'll save you some room.

Dylan said...

Ben got this one, too. And Karl did, in fact, bite it. Poor guy. We hardly knew ye. That's what you get for quoting Star Wars.


And Rousseau took the dirt nap, too?! Was it just me or was that... weird/unexpected?

Dylan said...

Possibly lame?

chanel said...

ooo ooo I KNEW this one!!!!! HOW you ask? Thank Mr Eli Stone. I am now watching Lost- at least the last 20 minutes of it. I figure I missed this much of it, its not goign to make anymore sense if I don't watch an entire episode at a time. I totally get into it which is weird since I seriously CAN NOT figure out how or what is going on- and it MAKES ME SO MAD!
Was the girl at the end new to the show?
And who was the guy who gave the black dude the bomb? Is he against Ben?
Are there "magical" powers on the island?
Is Ben bad?
Is the old dude bad?
Sawyers not bad is he? He's too cute to be bad. I like him.

Last Week's episode:
And why did the Chinese guy who apparently didn't make it off the island with his wife think the baby might not be his? And who gave her dad that ginormous bear?

OH PLEASE answers these questions!!
That could be your 700th post give away and I can be the winner!! HAPPY DAY!

Dylan said...

Oh man, Chanel. That's a lot of questions. I'll try and answer them all. Just know that for every question I answer, there are roughly one bajillion others unanswered. And it may still not make any sense.

First off, Eli Stone: I tried watching it because Jack Bristow (from Alias) plays like the head of the firm or something (the silver-haired, serious dude), but, I don't know, it didn't click for me.

Was the girl at the end new to the show?
Which girl? The young one was Alex, who is Rousseau's (the older lady who got shot) daughter, but she was taken from her mother and raised by Ben and the Others. She was introduced last season, so yeah, relatively new.

And who was the guy who gave the black dude the bomb? Is he against Ben?
The big old gay guy? No, he's on Ben's side. His name is Tom, otherwise known as "Mister Friendly". He was there to recruit Michael (the black guy) to blow up the freighter for Ben.

Are there "magical" powers on the island?
It cures cancer, fertility problems, severe spinal injury and gunshots wounds. Magic Eightball says :"Yes."

Is Ben bad?
Magic Eightball says "Ask Again Later." I have a tendency to believe that he is one of "the good guys" in this story, but he's pretty evil. He wiped out a whole camp of Dharma researchers stationed on the island back in the 80's (including his dad, played by Uncle Rico), shot John Locke because Locke heard Ben's invisible friend and has connived his way through every perilous situation thrown at him. He's slippery and smarmy and I don't trust a word that passes through his lips.

Is the old dude bad?
Locke? Or Charles Widmore? If you're talking about Locke (Bald head, earthtone t-shirt, cargo khakis), then no. Locke's just trying to do the best he can. He also has issues with being jerked around by people he trusts. Also, the island/dead people talk to him every now and then, so... yeah. He's sort of my favorite character, maybe because he dresses like my dad. Also because Terry O'Quinn, the actor, is radness.

Sawyers not bad is he? He's too cute to be bad. I like him.
Sawyer is Han Solo. He's a total amoral rapscallion but you're doggone if you don't like him despite of all that.

Last Week's episode:
And why did the Chinese guy who apparently didn't make it off the island with his wife think the baby might not be his?
Um, I think you're referring ot the bit at the end. That episode was set up as a total red herring. The audience was meant to think that Sun (the Korean lady... they're Korean, by the way, not Chinese) and Jin's (her husband) off-island stories were both flash-forwards when in fact, Sun's took place in the "future" (relative to island time, if that makes sense) and Jin's took place in the "past" (before they crashed on the island).

Get it?

Also, Sun had had an affair before they got on the plane and crashed, so the paternity of her child was in question. But it's Jin's, even though he was infertile before they crashed. Which means she would have died had she not made it off of the island, as any woman who gets pregnant on the island dies. Which also means he most likely sacrificed himself so she could get off-island. I think he's still alive, but stuck back on the island. I hope so, at least.

And who gave her dad that ginormous bear?
Jin was delivering that to a Chinese businessman (that guy was actually Chinese) on behalf of his employer, his father-in-law who is a not-very-nice guy, who owns an automotive company.

Does that help? Any other questions? If you wan to get more into it I would recommend watching more than 20 minutes of the show because I watch the whole thing and even I get confused. I'd be more than happy to answer any questions. The offer = on the table.

Because I am super-duper-nerdy about that show.

Chanel said...

DYLAN YOU rock! iT IS SO WONDERFUL TO HAVE A SUPER DUPER NERDY Lost FRIEND! That does answer a lot of the questions, I thank you so much! I will now look at Locke with a different perspective for sure. Your info on Sun and Jin were enormously helpful, and extremely well explained! So he wasn't delievering the bear to his wife? Thats what had me all confused.

Yeah, Stone might not be your cup of tea, I can see that.

Anyway thanks a bunch!!!!

Dylan said...

Would anybody else be interested in a weekly "Ask the Lost Guy" feature here on BRR? You could watch (hopefully more than 20 minutes of) that week's episode, and e-mail me your questions. I'll collate them and answer them on Friday or Saturday? What do you think? That way some of you can just jump in and I (or one of the other Lost-ies can fill you in on what you're missing?

What do you say? Worth it?

b3n said...

I think you'd be robbing people of their right.. Nay, their responsibility, to watch Lost.

That said, I'd read what you gotta say.