Sunday Comics! Hail Hydra!

Say what you will about Baron von Strucker ("Baron", unfortunately, is not his first name. It's "Wolfgang", which is still pretty cool, I guess), dude may be an evil ex-Nazi bent on world domination (is there any other kind, in comics or the real world?), but he has a pretty great sense of humor:

"Dude, we totally captured Nick Fury! You know what would be hilarious? If we, like, took his body and totally like, made all our evil robots look just like him? People would be all like 'Dude! It's totally Nick Fury attacking us!' But it would be, like, an evil robot! Oh man. That would be awesome. Wait. Where was I? Oh yeah, I gotta activate the Alpha-Tron thing so I can shoot these Alpha Thingies at Fury and totally blow him up!"

Panel taken from the Nick Fury: Agent Of S.H.I.E.L.D. trade collection by the one and only Steranko & Co. This collection is packed with so much cramazing™ ("crazy" + "amazing" = "cramazing". ™ & ©, 2008, BRR Enterprises, Inc. a subsidiary of Globocorp: the Nameless, Faceless Corporation You Cannot Trust), your eyes will explode when you behold it.

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